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Hello everyone,

We are Bug Zapper World. A website started by 2 Dutch friends who love the outdoors since back in 1998. We’ve travelled the world quite a bit, and you guessed it right, sometimes we had to deal with various bugs. Mostly mosquitoes which is why we started to gain an interest on how to get rid of them. We tried different bug zappers and bug traps, not only when camping but even at home. Some seemed to work, some didn’t, which is why we decided to start our very own website back in 2013. We can’t believe it’s been that long, but we still enjoy to write some helpful content whenever we find the time.

We hope you enjoy our articles and we especially hope you’re finally able to get rid of those annoying insects. We’ll be updating on a regular basis so feel free to visit us again whenever you feel like it (or whenever you have a serious mosquito problem).

All the best,

The Bug Zapper World Team


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