Westinghouse Solar Bug Zapper

westinghouse bug zapper

Solar bug zappers seem to become more popular these days. Especially the ones that you can easily place in your garden and will seem like any other lantern or light source. However our experiences with these kinds of zappers aren’t too great. In fact not all seem to charge well on cloudy days and will disappoint you at night! Besides that they often don’t attract mosquitoes that well and you might end up buying another product eventually. The only one that we consider worth buying is this one from Westinghouse.


Now one of the main advantages of a solar bug zapper is that you can place it anywhere you like without worrying about cables. This Westinghouse zapper has 5 solar panels on it’s top that recharge the 2 included Lithium-ion batteries even if there is no direct sunlight like you will experience on a cloudy day. It gets fully charged after 8 hours of normal daylight after which it will work for the same amount of time (8 hours).


As soon as it gets darker the 6 built-in UV purple light LED bulbs will turn on by themselves and in case you forget to switch it off it will stop working in the early morning. Bugs like mosquitoes will be killed in an area of 3/4 acres, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your night outside without getting bitten by them. It can also be used indoors. The 2 Lithium-ion batteries should work for about 500 charges after which you can easily replace them. All together this solar bug zapper performs great and has already helped tons of people to enjoy a bug-free summer evening either at home or during their holiday!


This item is a little more expensive than other zappers that don’t use solar power. In fact you pay quite less for the Flowtron BK-40D which even is a little stronger (one acre area). So if you want to buy this solar bug zapper then one of your main reasons could be that you don’t have (or want to have) a power source for it. Or that you want to take it with you on your holiday where you might not have electricity, for instance when camping. All together it’s a good and reliable product for those who prefer to charge by sunlight!


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For indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. The lifespan of the UV bulbs is around 10.000 hours. Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 16,5 inches. Shipping weight: 4,4 pounds. Prices start at $53.58

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