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We recently decided to add the Venus Fly Trap to our website since it’s gaining popularity among households worldwide. If you are totally new to these plants, then please stick around and read this post. We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to understand in order to know if this is the kind of product that you would want to buy. There are a number of critical factors that many people never read about, leading them to disappointment in the end. If you are serious about getting one yourself then we can only advise this item. Let us tell you why.

Why The Venus Fly Trap And Not Another One?

First of all, the Venus Fly Trap is the best sold carnivorous plant to customers. And there is a good reason why. If you want to get a carnivorous plant then obviously you want it to have that typical look, right? And with typical look we mean those appealing traps hanging around. These are also known as ‘snap traps‘ and it’s the only type of mechanism where you actually get to see some action. Before we continue, let’s have a short look at the 5 different types of plants (and their traps).

Types Of Fly Trap Plants

1. The snap trap collection: A fly comes to the plant. It’s leaves close fast enough to catch it.

2. The bladder trap collection: A plant with an inside vacuum slowly absorbing the fly.

3. The pitfall trap collection: Fly enters leave of plant and get’s stuck in a liquid substance.

4. Lobster pot trap collection: A fly enters the plant and can’t escape because of inward facing hairs.

5. Flypaper trap collection. This is a sticky plant.

Of course you can go out and do some research yourself in case you are serious about becoming an expert in this topic. However, we hope you by now understand that the Venus Fly Trap is one of the ‘cooler’ traps to have. You actually get to see something happen, and especially for kids this is what they expect from a carnivorous plant! Besides that, it just looks cool compared to the others, at least that’s what we think.

Grow It Yourself Or Buy It Fully Grown?

Time To Grow

Please don’t compare Venus Fly Trap seeds with for example grass seeds. What a lot of people still don’t get, is that the Venus seeds take about 3 years to grow into an actual plant! And with that we mean at least traps the size of 1.75 inches. Yeah, seeds are cheaper, but 3 years is way too long! By that time your kid probably got bored of waiting. So why not get it all grown with some massive traps on board?

Taking Care

We are only showing you one example of the one we ordered ourselves. But there is way more to discover. Just make sure it’s easy to maintain and it’s not inside some kind of bowl or transparent cage or whatever. You see, carnivorous plants need oxygen in order to survive. Your living room or bedroom is just fine, but don’t make it look like a fish tank! It’s going to be way too hot as well. Just leave it close to a window so it will catch some daylight (it also likes sunlight), but don’t think that it needs heat. It doesn’t.

Our Experience With The Venus Fly Trap

What we like best is the fact that it’s very easy to keep alive. The manual that comes with it is simple and easy to understand. The only thing you need to do after you set it up is to give it water every now and then. These fly traps seem to do best on soils covered by moss which comes separately with this done-for-you plant. We placed it in another pot because we didn’t like the one it came with. We placed the moss and gave it a nice spot close to a window. It’s still doing great and it has caught a number of flies this summer already. But not only flies, it even caught some fruit flies and other small insects. Once ordered it will arrive in a box with a warm pack, so you don’t have to worry that the plant will freeze on it’s way to your home. Especially in wintertime this is a great advantage that the company has thought over very well.

In case you are interested we ordered ours at Amazon, here’s the link:

Check it out

You can still take a look at some other traps available as Amazon is huge! We just wanted to share with you a little bit of knowledge that might help you on your way. Even though our website is basically an online resource for bug zappers, we just thought it would be fun to give our honest review of something different this time. We hope it’s a good start. If you need more information you could visit the wikipedia link here. In case you buy one: Have fun!

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