Stinger Bug Zapper – A Quick Review

cordless-rechargeable-bug-zapperThis Stinger bug zapper (model number BKC90) has the main advantage that it is rechargeable and therefore won’t always require a power source. Stinger is a great company that produces different kinds of insect killers, however we have decided to only add two of their zappers to our website because we believe they simply are their best products. These being this one and the Stinger TZ15.

This stylish Stinger bug zapper performs perfectly indoors and outdoors. It comes with a built-in Lithium-ion battery that you can recharge. Because it is rechargeable you can place it anywhere you want, but the company advises you to place it approximately at a 10 – 14 feet distance of human activity. Another big advantage of this Stinger bug zapper is the fact that at the bottom there is a removable tray that you can easily take out and put back in for cleaning. It has a built-in 2 Watts black light UV bulb to attract bugs but also some smaller LED lights at the top in case you just want to use it as a lantern. Bugs are zapped very quietly and the manufacturer promises a 3,5 hour function after 3 hours of charging (doesn’t matter if you use the black UV light or the LED function). Off course you can also run it for longer periods by leaving it connected to a power source.

The price is quite acceptable. We recommend it to people that go camping or fishing and don’t always have access to electricity. If electricity is no problem then you should consider to check out some of our other products. Especially since this is a 2 Watts device and therefore only suitable for smaller areas! We recommend at least 15 Watts if you’re looking for real power. That’s why this Stinger bug zapper won’t help you well enough if you’re looking for something to clear your whole garden or store!


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For indoor and outdoor use. It kills bugs within a 625 square feet radius and comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. Dimensions: 7,4 x 7,4 x 15,4 inches. Shipping weight: 4 pounds. Prices start at $29.99

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In case you need a replacement bulb for this product you can visit our Replacement Bulbs section or for direct purchase click here.

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