Rat Zapper

Humanely Kill Rats

Having mice or rats disturbing your living room, garage, garden or office? Or any other indoor or outdoor location? Well, in that case you could give this rat zapper a serious thought. With an electric shock this product will instantly kill your enemy. And because it’s so fast and effective, you take away the risk of hurting that little fellow. No worries about cleaning as there will be no mess left behind. Extremely easy to get rid of your catch without the need to touch or even look at it.

Sounds cool, but what is it all about?

Once your rat zapper is delivered you’ll be able to immediately get to business. Place 4 AA batteries in the top of the device. Insert some bait in the back to attract your rat or mouse. For rats you could try peanut butter, nuts or dry pet food. This could also work for mice, but we all know the famous cheese lure. Position your zapper where you prefer to have it and simply switch it on. There’s a button on top for that. Once you have a catch you’ll be notified with a blinking red light. Now turn the whole thing off and deposit the interior wherever appropriate.

Some more specifications

For your information, there are 2 different models to choose from. The first one is the Classic version. Ideal for normal sized rats and mice and will do the trick in most of the cases. There is a bigger Ultra version available in case you are sure you spotted a very big rat. The Classic version requires 4 AA batteries and will provide 20 kills on those. The Ultra needs 4 D batteries which are good for 60 kills. We show you two pictures below for these two rat zapper options. Last but not least, make sure to watch the video at the bottom of this page. You’ll get all the information you need from there too.

Important To Know

The rat zapper is meant for indoor use only. The high voltage is dangerous so use it with care and according to the instructions.

Classic Rat Zapper ($29.99)

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Ultra Rat Zapper ($59.99)

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