Portable Bug Zapper – Perfect For Camping

Portable And Easy To Carry

Unlike some of our other products, this is a smaller devise which we call the portable bug zapper. People who don’t prefer the big ones usually go for the typical racket to take with them on holidays or fishing trips. But we would like to inform you about this alternative. It could be of some great help in your hotel room or sleepover. If you have a few mosquitoes surrounding you then it should be of help big time. It’s a handy tool to take with you in your suitcase or backpack and won’t require a lot of space.

Multi Functional

If you like camping and the outdoors, and if you stay the night in a tent, you could consider to get a bug zapper that serves as a lantern as well. This portable zapper offers 4 different light modes, from a flashlight all the way to a bright lantern. In other words, you’ll be able to get rid of annoying mosquitoes whilst having a light source at the same time.

Rechargeable Battery

Through a micro USB connection you’re able to recharge this portable bug zapper without any hassle. We always prefer USB connections as running out of batteries is a common problem. It’ll allow you to run the light mode for about 12 hours. The battery will run out faster is there’s a lot of zapping going on, but for just a few mosquitoes you should be fine for the night.

The Hanger

The top of this zapper provides a hanger for easy positioning. You could attach it to the ceiling of your tent for example. But there are multiple ways to take advantage of the hanger. Some prefer to connect it to their backpack whilst hiking. Since the product is waterproof there shouldn’t be any problems in case of rain.

Pricing And Comparison

It will cost you almost 23 bucks. So if you are interested it is worth to give it a try. Especially if you just have to deal with a couple of insects. In case you have a big bug problem then you could consider some of the other products we talk about on our website. For instance the Flowtron brand is a great choice and lets you choose between different area sizes you need to clear. Another fine item is the solar one. Actually it is the most sold zapper with a lot of satisfied customers. Just read through some of the products to find out for yourself. We are sure you will find exactly what you need.


For indoor and outdoor use. The size is around 3.5 x 5.3 inches. Prices start at $22.99.


Where from? Amazon.com

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