Portable Bug Zapper

Portable and Easy to carry bug zapper

if you’re looking for something tiny!

new-portable-bug-zapperUnlike our other products this is a way smaller devise which we call the portable bug zapper. People who don’t prefer the big ones usually go for the typical racket to take with them on holidays or fishing trips. But we would like to inform you about this alternative. Don’t expect it to work just as well as the big boys out there, but it could be of some great help in your hotel room or sleepover. If you just have a few mosquitoes surrounding you then it should help you out. If your main goal is to clear your porch or garden then definitely don’t buy this one. It’s more a handy tool to take with you in your suitcase and won’t require a lot of space.

Some small led lights turn on which will attract different kinds of flying bugs. When they enter the zapper they will be killed instantly as 900 volts will create a quick and instant death. You might hear a small noise, but still that is much better than hours and hours of zooming noises. Some people won’t even wake up from it. We ourselves haven’t tried it yet, and from the customer reviews it is not very clear yet if it will work properly. Some are happy with it, but some are definitely not. If you tried it feel free to let us know.

It will cost you almost 10 bucks. So if you are interested it is worth to give it a try. Especially if you just have to deal with a couple of insects. In case you have a big bug problem then you could consider some of the other products we talk about on our website. For instance the Flowtron brand is a great choice and lets you choose between different area sizes you need to clear. Another fine item is the solar one. Actually it is the most sold zapper with a lot of satisfied customers. Just read through some of the products to find out for yourself. We are sure you will find exactly what you need.



For indoor use, no chemicals are released, shipping weight: 1.6 pounds. Prices start at $9.99.

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