Poles and Hooks – Zapping Bugs In Style!

Why You Would Want A Bug Zapper Pole Or Hook


Whether you already own a bug zapper or not, attaching it to a pole comes with more advantages than you may think. Poles can either be placed in the ground or they come with a tripod stand. Extreme weather conditions like storms could flip a tripod, so keep that in mind. Fixing a pole into the ground could be a good alternative.


Obviously, attaching a pole or a hook to your house or patio is more of a semi-permanent approach. It’ll be quite an effort to reposition a bug zapper or trap once you notice more bugs in another area. Luckily enough the hooks can look quite pretty these days which won’t be a disturbing piece of equipment. Maybe attaching a couple of them in different areas allows for more flexibility without going through all the hassles of unscrewing them every now and then.


If you’ve done some research, or if you already own a bug zapper, you’ve probably heard of brands like Flowtron or Dynatrap. Flowtron manufactures a lot of effective products, like for instance this Flowtron bug zapper that clears an area of up to 1 acre. Dynatrap focuses more on producing traps, like for example this mosquito attract light. They don’t zap but suck the insects right in.

A long story short, these are respectable brands that have proven to stand the test of time. Sure, there are some other brands to consider like Coleman for instance. Below you’ll find some of the best bug poles and hooks on today’s market:

Dynatrap Shepherd’s Hook

Easy to assemble in different heights, stainless steel. $18.56 at Amazon.

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Coleman Tripod

Aluminium and steel, extendable to over 7 feet. $56.84 at Amazon.

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Flowtron Pole

Extendable 10 feet steel, security lock against theft. $45.69 at Amazon.

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Flowtron Hook

Steel bracket with locking feature, extendable 6.5 inches. $17.99 at Amazon.

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Deck Hook

Weather resistant metal, for railings up to 2 inches thick. $19.99 at Amazon.

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These are just a few of the many poles and hooks out there. Some of our bug zappers and bug traps are also sold in combination with a pole or hook. If so then you should come across that option somewhere after following the “Check it out” links we provided above.

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Insect Killer Wall Bracket                                                 Flowtron Pole


                                Coleman Pole


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