Natural Mosquito Repellent – The Non Toxic Bracelet

Why You’d Want One

Ease Of Use

If you love the outdoors, then you know the importance of having a natural mosquito repellent. How can you enjoy the fresh air and blue sky when there are mosquitoes flying around? The good news is that there are lots of mosquito repellents on the market. One easy but efficient gadget are these bracelets.

Natural Ingredients

Most conventional repellents on the market today contain DEET or other chemicals. They have been tested to keep mosquitoes away. However, it was about time for us to learn if there are any good alternatives for that. Something that is easy to take with you and doesn’t require continuous application throughout the day. Effectiveness and natural ingredients were our two main points of attention when selecting this product.

Continuous Protection

It is important that you wear a mosquito repellent if you are going to spend some time outdoors. That way you will be able to protect yourself against mosquito illnesses. Dengue and the Zika virus are just two examples. Haven’t we all experienced those cloudy days when all of a sudden the sun came through? We decide to have a quick outside drink and boom: They bit you! And that’s just one situation where this band comes in handy. How about taking the dog for a walk? Or take out the garbage? There often is a risk involved!

What Is This Natural Mosquito Repellent All about?

Non Toxic

The bracelet is made from natural ingredients, like citronella and lemongrass. Anyone can wear one without having to worry about toxic substances. The best thing about it is that you can wear it while doing outdoor activities. These could be sports, camping, hunting, fishing, or enjoying a picnic with friends and family. Because it is lightweight and not in liquid form, it is the ideal repellent when traveling.


This is the active ingredient that repels the pesky insects. It is found in various plant oils that include lemongrass, oil of rose, and citronella. According to researchers, geraniol is the most effective alternative to DEET. A natural mosquito repellent that utilizes geraniol can protect against mosquito bites. A band lasts for about 15 days. After that you need to replace the refill.


All you need to do is to wear the bracelet on your wrist or ankle and you are covered. There’s no need to apply anything on your skin in order protect yourself from insect bites. And because it is made of all natural ingredients, it is safe to use for everyone. The strap allows you to adjust the size to your preferred fit. What you could also do is attach it to your backpack, hang up in your tent or stick to your barbecue. It’s waterproof so you can even wear it in a pool or on a rainy day.

The Verdict

If you want an effective natural mosquito repellent for indoor and outdoor use, then give this one a serious thought. It is powerful, user-friendly, adjustable and free of toxic chemicals. Most people buy this pack before they go on a holiday or when they have a hiking trip planned. Over time, the effectiveness of the bracelet decreases. If that happens, you need to replace the refill. The price is not bad as this could help out a whole family over the weekend. You’ll pay $14.99 for a 2-pack, including 2 refills. Fun fact: Some even use them on their pets.

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