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Pure Enrichment Review: An Attractive Mosquito “Trap”

mosquito trapOn a regular basis we do enjoy to check out new mosquito traps. Especially if they seems to become popular and get good ratings. Diving into the details and reading customer opinions is always crucial to figure out if something is worth your money. We hope you do the same. Anyways, just to be clear on some things: This is not a trap in the technical terms of speaking. However, since people refer to it as being one, we will make an exception just to fit into the discussion. Read more about traps here. This in fact is a bug zapper! And since it gets quite a good score (4 out of 5 stars) we decided to check it out in order to give you an honest impression. Should you buy one yourself? Is it going to help you out? Is it worth the price? Just take a couple of minutes to read our article as we can’t answer all of these questions in one sentence.

The Exterior

Sure, this is a personal thing. But if you ask us we have to admit that the design looks pretty fancy. Usually mosquito traps don’t look pretty at all, especially the ones that cover a wide area. This one however could fit into a modern home decor or a trendy deck you recently built. The height of the item measures almost 14 inches which doesn’t really differ from many other traps. It weighs just over 2 pounds and is shipped with a 10 feet power cable. Another thing we appreciate is the purple color of the emitted light. Don’t get us wrong, the more common green and blue bulbs can look good in certain situations as well. But to us the purple seems a little friendlier so to speak.

in the bedroom   hanging in deck

Let’s talk power

As with any product on our website, we always stress out the importance of the effectiveness. We don’t buy a bug zapper for decorating purposes do we? So always make sure to understand if a certain product will do the trick for you. Always remember to figure out how big the area is you need to clear, and secondly ask yourself the question how big your mosquito problem is. This can depend on the state or country you live in. But also a water source nearby will result in more bugs.

The Pure Enrichment company advises you to use their trap in spaces up to 860 square feet. This equals to around 80 square meters. In other words, it’s meant to be used in living rooms, bedrooms and decks for example. Preferably decks with a roof. If you have a huge garage or a gigantic office then you should get something stronger! We’ll talk about that in a second.

Now, let’s say you have a lot of insects. Will this work for you? To give you an honest answer to that question we need to read as many customer reviews as possible. Unfortunately in quite some cases not all mosquitoes have been eliminated. So keep that in mind. There are people still waking up with bites every morning even though they have this hanging in their bedrooms. Some also say that the number of kills is close to zero. On the contrary there are some 5 star ratings as well. This diversity usually gives us the impression that the product hasn’t proven it’s effectiveness and it’s a risk to just buy one.

User Friendly

A very important thing to take a look at. When killing hundreds or even thousands a day you will need to get rid of them sooner or later. Being able to do so in just a matter of seconds is always appreciated. A removable tray is the best solution. Luckily this mosquito trap comes with one. Also the outside can be cleaned with water if after the season it became dirty. So that are 2 pro’s you must know about.

Overall Conclusion

At this point we wouldn’t buy one yet. There are too many variations in what people say. People with trendy furniture however could consider to order one. But please only do so if you have just a few mosquitoes flying around and your room is not really big. Check out some of the alternatives in our indoor bug zapper collection. It’s definitely worth it.

For anyone who wants to get rid of bugs while they throw a barbecue party you should definitely find something else. The Flowtron brand is where we would start in our search and go from there. They have different products for different occasions and areas. You’ll see them on our front page.

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