Mosquito Repellent – Pro’s And Con’s

A Good Alternative For A Bug Zapper?


Even though our website focusses mainly on bug zappers, we just want to remind you that there is a good alternative: The mosquito repellent. If you don’t feel like buying a big piece of equipment then maybe this is a good solution for you. Most often people use a repellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or fishing. These days there are a good amount of compact bug zappers for camping, but what if you don’t want to carry one with you? Going to an exotic country like Cuba or Thailand? Then you probably need a good mosquito repellent to avoid nasty bites.


Most of us have already heard of the DEET formula, which can be found in various stores these days. It’s the best base you would want to find in your product as it’s very effective. There are risks and downsides to it as well, which you can read more about here. We highly recommend you to read it before getting the product. If you’re not sure or hesitant, simply avoid it. You’re responsible in the end. Even though less effective, you could opt for a natural mosquito repellent since those are based on natural ingredients.


Application And Effectiveness

‘Repel 100’ has become the best seller in this category! Containing 98.11% DEET, this is a good choice for everyone planning to spend quite some hours outdoors. It will keep you free of mosquitoes for 10 hours if you don’t go swimming. You can in fact apply it on top of your sunscreen. Make sure to first apply the sunscreen, wait a few minutes and then spray the repellent on top. If temperatures get high, or if you prefer to do some outdoor activity, sweating will break down the layer of protection faster. It’s advised to reapply on such occasions, especially if you notice some mosquitoes surrounding you.

Tip: Keep in mind that mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset, like we explain in this article.

On Body

The good thing about this product is that you get to choose between a 1-ounce and a 4-ounce bottle. If you get the 4-ounce version then you will be assured to use it for days. Carry it with you wherever you go as it is both small and light in weight. Apply with the spray and rub it over the body parts that are exposed. Make sure not to spray in your face but just apply a small amount onto your hands an then rub small parts like your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Never apply it close to your eyes or mouth.

On Clothes

You can also apply small amounts on your clothing like shoes, socks or hat. It will be of great help. Most people spray around the openings of their shirts. Pay attention to wash your hands very well after applying. You want to avoid the chemicals getting in your system. For instance rubbing your eyes or touching your tongue. So clean your hands! Also, if you have it on your hands make sure not to touch any synthetic materials. They may get damaged.

Which Insects Are Repelled?


Probably the main reason why people use this mosquito repellent, is to avoid nasty stings by these insects. Even mosquitos that transmit the Dengue virus can be repelled. Furthermore, carriers of Chikungunya, West Nile or Zika can also be held off by this spray. Even though there’s no guarantee whatsoever, every piece of prevention is helpful.


Besides mosquitoes, you’re also scaring away other insects like gnats for example. Contact with ticks, fleas, chiggers and biting flies can be prevented as well. Again, exceptions can always happen, you’re simply reducing your risks.


You can read more if you decide to check it out. Amazon sells it for $7.97 (4-ounce bottle) and $4.47 (1-ounce bottle). 98.11% formula is the highest concentration available on todays market!

Read more about DEET on wikipedia here.


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