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Mosquito Magnet: If you need to clear large areas

mosquito magnetHow It Works

Aside from the regular bug zappers, there is another piece of equipment which can be used to efficiently kill mosquitoes: The mosquito magnet. If you have a large back yard with a serious mosquito problem then this should be your solution. It attracts all kinds of flying insects by emitting the best possible combination of lures. First there is a continuous stream of carbon dioxide, simulating human activity. The airflow is supported by heat as mosquitoes are attracted to warm temperatures (just like our body temperature). A third key factor and big advantage of this product is that the mosquito magnet moisturizes it’s stream of air. Ever wondered why a lot of bugs hang out near a water source? It’s because the females like to lay their eggs there. The mosquito magnet therefore lures mosquitoes and other bugs towards it very effectively.

Silent And Odorless

Once insects come close to this magnet the magic happens. Bugs like mosquitoes will be sucked inside and there is no way back. A net will catch them all and leave them there to dehydrate. The thing we like about this way of trapping is that there are no irritating zapping noises. Especially if you have a serious mosquito problem the zapping could start to annoy you sooner or later. But you don’t have to worry about that with the mosquito magnet. Another big advantage is that you won’t smell a thing, it is absolutely odorless. Still it is advised to place it at a small distance from human activity. Make sure to use the direction of the wind to spread the lure over your yard in the best possible way.

Propane Tanks

Compared to other zappers and traps there is one big difference: You’ll need a propane tank to make it work. On average you will need one tank per month if you leave it running 24 hours a day but it depends on the model. The propane tank is not included but you can order it separately or simply buy one at your local shopping mall. To get the system running most of the models come with a (rechargeable) battery (see models below). The battery should last for a whole season of trapping. Only the ‘Patriot’ model needs to be connected to a power source.


Types of mosquito magnets

There are three different models to choose from:

  1. The Patriot ($329.99)
  2. The Independence ($599.99)
  3. The Executive ($749.99)

The Patriot is the most basic version you can get. Like we mentioned before, maybe the power cord is a disadvantage. But it works absolutely fantastic and in our opinion it is a good choice if you compare the prices. Besides that it is the smallest of the three. Then there’s the Independence. This is a little bigger than the Patriot and runs on 4 C batteries. No power source is required. The Executive is even bigger and comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s equipped with a so called smart fuel saving technology. This means that you’ll be saving on propane gas so you’ll need less tanks throughout the season.

All models cover one acre area. There is no difference in that. They also all come with a one year warranty.

Limited Availability

Unfortunately the mosquito magnet seems to be out of stock most of the time. You can still check it’s availability from the links above. In case it’s sold out or if there’s uncertainty about when new models will come to the market, here’s a good alternative:

Flowtron Mosquito PowerTrap

Below we showcase a picture of the Flowtron MT – 125. Flowtron is a well-known brand in the bug zapper industry (like for example the Flowtron BK-40D or it’s bigger brother BK-80D). You will need both electrical power and a propane bottle. Mosquitoes will be sucked into the Powetrap after luring them with it’s bright LED’s. Cleaning is easy and you’ll get a one year limited warranty.

How much? $299.95 at Amazon.


Check it out

Not sure abut the mosquito magnet?

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