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Burgess 960: Keeping Mosquitoes Out

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For people who love the outdoors, such as those who want to spend a relaxing night at the patio or those who love entertaining friends at home, they will have to deal with mosquitoes. If you are living in an area where mosquitoes can be a big problem, you should think of the most effective ways by which you can get rid of them. Mosquito bites can cause rashes, and worst can lead to serious health problems. Now when would you decide to buy a bug zapper and when would you prefer to use the mosquito fogger? Whilst a zapper attracts your flying enemies in order to kill them, the fogger works the other way around. You go towards any hidden mosquito and destroy them on contact with the mist you create.

Big Yards

This product is ideal if you have a big yard with a lot of trees and bushes. Just take a walk around, spread the fog all through your yard and the mosquito population will drastically decrease. Leaving only a few behind for which you could get an addition buzzing light at night time. So, if you have a huge insect problem and a big yard, then this may be your solution. Based on customer reviews we selected the Burgess.

How The Fogging Works


First you need to unlock the fogger in order to use it. If you take a look at the picture above you’ll notice a small yellow button. Actually it’s more of a slider like you’ve probably used before on other machinery. This is a safety feature.

Fill The Reservoir

You will need some insecticide liquid to actually make this system work. The insecticide must be poured into the yellow base of the unit. There are a couple of different liquids to choose from which are explained by the seller. 

Plug It In And Preheat

Connect the power cable and you’re almost ready to go. However, it’s important to let the fogger preheat for 2 minutes minimum. This will increase the effectiveness of the insecticide. After that you’re all set to clear your yard.

After The Fogging

Make sure you wait until the fog has disappeared before enjoying your yard again. The seller states that this will take about 5 minutes on average. The same goes for your pets, so keep your dog or cat (or whatever lovely friend you have) away for the same amount of time.

Why Choose Burgess 960

Efficient and User-Friendly

In a market that is teeming in terms of alternatives for the best mosquito fogger, why should you choose Burgess 960? The reasons can be endless. One would be the fact that it comes with a straightforward design, which makes it user-friendly. There is no need to call a local handyman within the area. You can operate it on your own, even if you have never used one in the past. It is also worth noting that it has the ability to treat an area with a size of up to 5,000 square feet in just as short as 10 minutes.

Powerful Fog

Another thing that makes this an ideal option is the fact that it is lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to maneuver through bushes or around trees. Make sure to use it gently. By that we mean to only press the fogging button every few seconds. The fog that comes out of the machine needs time to settle, after which you press the button gain for the next area.

Reasonable Price

Furthermore, you can get your hands on you own for a very reasonable price. Compared to others within the product category, this is worth considering if you’re looking for the best bank for your buck. In spite of the fact that it is not necessarily the cheapest, it will be a delight for a quick mosquito clearance. It will cost you $90.31.

Fast Results

Lastly, this is a top choice because of its effectiveness. It is a thermal fogger, which is believed to be one of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes. A single session will eliminate mosquitos for a couple of hours. For longer effectiveness, make sure to use it several times within the day.

Pro Tip:

Combined Fogging And Zapping

Let’s say you’re expecting visitors but all the mosquitos are disturbing your excitement. What you could do in order to make the whole experience a success, is to first fog the area and then install a conventional bug zapper. Depending on the size of the area, you could go for the Flowtron BK-40D. It’s able to clear an area of around 1 acre. The Flowtron BK-40D is a little stronger with a range of 1.5 acres. The Flowtron FC-8800 helps you out up to 2 acres.

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We used to talk about the Burgess 1443 Mosquito Fogger in the past. Unfortunately it seems to be either out of stock or the manufacturing could have stopped. Who knows by now this has changed. Even though this one runs on propane, you could do a little research yourself to discover if it’s available again somewhere. Who knows it’s a great farm mosquito fogger.

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