Mosquito Eater For Indoor Use

Hard to notice and hard to hear

mosquito eaterHaving problems with mosquitoes that found the way to your living room? Maybe in that case this mosquito eater by the brand Stinger (model number MA06) is just what you need. It’s one of the cheapest products we offer on this website, but it does really work great. People even tend to use it outdoors and most of them are even satisfied about that too. However for outdoor use we would recommend a stronger product since this one will often just don’t do the job well enough in gardens. But still, if you don’t have that many mosquitoes (that is if you don’t live near a water source for instance) then yeah it could also do the job outside for you.

Don’t expect this to work as great as the Inatrap by Inadays. It has less power! So what’s important to pick the right one? Just decide for which room you need it. Is it a smaller room like your bedroom then this should work perfectly. But if you have a big living room then it might just don’t do the trick. Also compare the price. This mosquito eater is much cheaper so why get an expensive one when this will do? Off course it looks cheaper and let’s face it: It kinda looks ugly. But who cares if you have it in a spot where it’s not directly visible?

All together this is a good product that’s very easy to use. You can easily open and remove dead insects. Some customers have had the problem that there seemed to be some mosquitoes still alive when doing this. But here’s the deal: The white UV light attracts the bugs and when they are near enough they get sucked inside by a fan. The idea behind this system is that in the end all bugs will die of dehydration. But you need to give this some time. It can take minutes or even half an hour before they are dead. So leave it to rest a little bit before you clean it. Cleaning once a month should be enough by the way.


We advise to use it only indoors. It works outdoors, just don’t expect it to clear a huge porch. It uses no chemicals and is very easy to operate. Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 12.4 inches. Weight: 1.2 pounds. Shipping weight: 4 pounds. Prices start at $26.40.

The product could be out of stock, but similar products are usually presented.


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