Mosquito Catcher Dynatrap DT1750


The Dynatrap DT1750 mosquito catcher can be considered as a middle child within the outdoor product range of the entire Dynatrap family. Where it’s bigger brother -the DT 2000XL mosquito trap– protects an area up to one Acre and its smaller brother -the DT 12000– areas of approximately ½ Acre, the DT1750 addresses the demand for areas up to ¾ Acre.


mosquito catcherThis outdoor mosquito catcher comes with a fluorescent UV light bulb with an estimated longevity of 3000 hours. The bulb generates and emits a warm UV light to attract various insects from a distance. As such it is suggested to isolate this bug attractor from other competing light sources around or near its location in order to maximize the mosquito catch rate.

Secondly, once close enough to the trap, the organic released carbon dioxide (CO2) lure’s the mosquitos further towards the trap where the built-in fan slurps them into the retaining cage. The cage collecting the insects can hold a high amount and provides an easy and user friendly manner to empty its content once full. More detailed information on how this product functions can be found on this manufacturer’s website.

Mosquitoes are said to sense CO2 from up to 100 ft. away. As such it would be good practice to locate this effective mosquito catcher product at a strategically location where the insects first enter the CO2 zone from the DT1750 prior sensing the CO2 we exhale. To find and use an optimal location, the manufacturer offers various accessories such as a stand, chain and wall mount. Further good practices and recommendations can be found in the product specifications manual.


The intent of this mosquito catcher is to attract and trap mosquitos amongst other insects, with minimum effort and maximum user comfort. According to multiple reviews throughout the internet, including amazon and google, it appears that this product indeed lives up to its expectations among the many buyers. Positive contributors to these fairly high ratings are its modern design and appearance, amongst the various available and compatible accessories.
The product specs and pricing appear competitive with similar other outdoor high end products, such as the Flowtron PV-440 Galaxie, which we will be adding to the bugzapperworld website soon.

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