Mosquito Bombs

What Are Mosquito Bombs?


Mosquitoes are not only a annoying, but they can be carriers of deadly diseases as well. This is why you’ll want to get rid of them sooner rather than later. One of the easiest ways to do this, is by using so called “Mosquito Bombs”. Especially if you live out in the country and frequently have standing water in your yard, these bombs could be just what you’ve need.

Unlike sprayers and mosquito foggers, these bombs are super easy to use and very effective as well. In fact, all you do is drop them in some water and the larvae are all killed. As a result, you and your family can enjoy that silent evening again.

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Mosquito bombs are inexpensive and usually come in a pack of six tablets. They can last you for a full year, depending on how much water you have. Furthermore, they work quickly and without any effort on your part. In other words, there’s nothing you have to do to get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard or even indoors.

The bombs are like tablets and work as soon as they’re placed in water, so the process couldn’t be easier. They’re called bombs because they sort of “go off” when they’re dropped in any water, making a fizzing action in return.

How Do They Work?

Killing Mosquito Larvae

Bombs made to kill mosquito larvae work great because all you do is drop them in standing water and leave them alone. The instructions on the package will tell you how much water each tablet will accommodate. They can kill larvae in standing water like ponds, bird baths, ditches, fountains, feeding troughs etc. Most products can accommodate roughly 100 to 300 square feet of water, but you’ll have to check the directions for the brand you buy to make sure you’re using the product properly. You may need to halve a tablet, or even use more than one if the area is especially large.

Ingredients And Replacement

In addition, each tablet usually lasts for 30 to 60 days, so you won’t have to use them very often. Just throw the tablet in the water and forget about it. Come back in a month or two to do it all again. The active ingredient is usually something known as S-Methoprene. It essentially stops the larvae from becoming adult mosquitoes. Because it works like this, you shouldn’t be alarmed if you still notice larvae after you’ve thrown the tablet in. These larvae won’t have the chance to grow up to become adults. Therefore, there’s little to worry about when it comes to having tons of mosquitoes in your yard.


Best of all, the ingredients in these mosquito bombs don’t harm other wildlife. Birds, caterpillars, fish, and any other animals that get near the water will never be harmed. The bombs are meant to kill or stop the larvae from growing, not to kill any other animals. If you’re a nature lover, this will likely be one of your favorite things about this product. Finally, if you’re concerned about the price, there’s no need to worry. For many of these brands, you get a total of six tablets for less than $8. Considering this usually accommodates you for up to one year, that’s a great deal. This means you can keep mosquitoes away from your yard for up to one year and pay a very small amount of money for it.

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Mosquito Bombs For Outdoors

Standing Water

If you have any type or any amount of standing water in your yard, these tablets can be of big help. Maybe you have a rain barrel in your yard, or who knows your yard is hilly. If there is any way for rainwater to pile up, mosquitoes will be attracted to the area. Since mosquitoes thrive on murky water, even water left over in a kiddie pool could possibly attract them. If you can’t get rid of the water, get rid of the mosquitoes by using one of these tablets. By dropping one in every one or two months, you can keep these mosquitoes away for good.

Wildlife, Pets And Humans

It was mentioned earlier that other wildlife won’t be harmed when you use these mosquito-killing bombs. The same is true for pets such as cats or dogs. In fact, the chemicals in the tablets are designed to kill larvae only and no animals whatsoever. Even if your pets come up to the water and take a drink directly from it, they will not be harmed. Having said this, it isn’t recommended that humans consume the water in any way. Humans are different from animals. While animals aren’t harmed when you use mosquito bombs, it’s possible they will affect humans differently.


Of course, each company making this product is different. When it comes to any of the things that are mentioned above, you might want to check with the directions on the package to be absolutely sure. For instance, some of these products recommend that you don’t use them in a regular family swimming pool, especially one that kids use. Each brand will be different, in part because there are so many types of standing water to be found outside of your home. A kiddie pool that you’re using for plants is one thing; an above-ground pool that everyone in the family uses is quite another.

Mosquito Bombs for Yards and Patios

Once again, mosquito bombs can be used nearly anywhere outside. As soon as the tablet is placed into the water, it starts dissolving. They release chemicals that do such a good job at killing the larvae and preventing them from becoming adult mosquitoes that love to bite. Mosquitoes can cause many types of illnesses, some of which can be fatal. This includes the West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus. Some of them are perfectly capable to find your blood, even if you think you’re good. Feel free to also read our article “Can mosquitoes bite through clothes?“.

Patios and decks can have mosquitoes because there are numerous areas that might have standing water. They could be old plant holders, areas in the sidewalk that may be lower than the other sections, and even areas near your garden hose. When this happens, there’s no need to start digging everything up or redesigning your entire yard. All you have to do is get a couple packets of these tablets and start using them. They work efficiently and reliably, so you can count on them to get rid of your mosquitoes from then on.

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Amdro Mosquito Bombs

About The Product

A company by the name of Amdro makes a high-quality mosquito bomb that works well in just about any outdoor watery area. They come in a packet of six tablets. Each of these tablets can accommodate up to 1,500 gallons of water, and each one lasts for a total of 64 days. This means that you can go a full year with one pack. The price is also reasonable, Amazon has them for around $8. Their active ingredient begins to work as soon as it’s thrown into the water. Best of all, it will work in any type of stagnant, standing water and any type of container that holds a small or large quantity of water.

Mosquito Prevention

The main thing the Amdro bombs do is prevent larvae from becoming full-grown adult mosquitoes. They work continuously until you have to put another one in the water. If the water in your yard is covered with larvae, you may have to replace the tablet after about 30 days instead of 64. Still, it will cost very little to prevent more mosquitoes from coming into your yard and wreaking havoc on your life. In a way, you can consider the Amdro tablets to be a preventive solution. They don’t allow the larvae to “grow up” and become mosquitoes that bite and harm your family.


Some people have dropped these tablets into underground drains that tend to attract mosquitoes, and the product still worked great. Indeed, anywhere mosquitoes gather around murky, stagnant water is a good place to use these mosquito bombs. Not only does it work, but it also leaves no unsightly debris behind to dirty up or ruin the look of your backyard.

While these tablets are specifically made to be placed in standing water, Amdro does make products that can be used in other places too. Examples include mosquito pellets, foggers, and many other items. The bombs are simply what works in stagnant water like yards, ditches, sidewalks, patios and decks. In fact, anywhere water is looking murky and attracting mosquito larvae, you can feel free to use it effectively to get the job done.

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Mosquito bombs distinguish themselves from many other mosquito killer products because they focus on the source of your problem. Mosquitoes come from larvae. So, if there are no larvae, your mosquito problem should be gone. Or at least, gone for the most part.

It’s of big importance to read everything in the manual. Not every mosquito boom is the same. Especially when you have pets or kids around, make sure to take no risks. It’s your own responsibility to use them appropriately and to not harm anything else than these nasty bugs.

It could take some time to find the results you were hoping for. In case you’re in a hurry to get rid of mosquitoes, consider a bug zapper. Or maybe even this bug fighter if you need something extremely effective.

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