Indoor Mosquito Trap – A Quick Review

indoor mosquito trap

Affordable Indoor Mosquito Trap With High Performance

Having a bug zapper indoors is a very common thing to do these days. Whilst they were unattractive in the past we can surely say that these days more effort is being put into their design. Obviously they will never be a symbol of modern day interior, but bare in mind that things are getting better as we speak.

The coverage of this product is about 170 square feet.

The Most Important Details

We have carefully selected this indoor mosquito trap because of a few important characteristics. Firstly it is chemical free which contributes to a safer environment. No pesticides are being released. Simply let this product zap irritating flying objects around your household and enjoy that peaceful evening you have been waiting for all day.

Another big Pro of this zapper is the simplicity to clean it. The tray can be removed by a single pull in order to get rid of your catch. Quickly replace it, connect it to your energy source and keep the routine going.


Not only the mosquito breed will be subject to destruction, it’s actually any winged insect within the same size range. Fruit flies and gnats are easily taken care of by this indoor zapper. No radiation, just zapping! Give it a try and you’ll be astonished. The set comes with 2 pieces so you could install one in your kitchen and one in your living room. Or get 2 sets and expand to your bedroom or bathroom as well.


Considering the price and the fact that you’ll receive a “2 Pack” almost makes this indoor mosquito trap a no-brainer. Based on 249 customer reviews (at the time of writing this post) the product scores a comfortable 4.4 out of 5 stars. Related items are showcased on the sales page as well which could be worth a comparison. A few more indoor traps that have proven to work can be found here.

How much? $12.99 at Amazon

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