Executioner Fly Swatter

Fly SwatterIf you don’t feel like buying a bug zapper to cover bigger areas but you just want to get rid of a few flying bugs then this Executioner fly swatter will do the trick. Just press the button and swing the racket towards the insect and as soon as there is contact it will definitely get zapped! You won’t have the well known problem of having to swing multiple times before the charged grill actually kills the insect.

With this product there are no ‘dead’ outers layers surrounding the grid and therefore you are sure to zapp your bug in no-time. Not only flies will be killed instantly, also mosquitoes and wasps and many other insects that fly inside or outside your house. It works on 2 AA batteries which are included. By pressing a single button the grill is activated which is easy to check because a built-in LED light will show up. By releasing the button it’s instantly turned off. This fly swatter has proven to at least give you 100.000 instant kills and because they’re made out of ABS plastic they are really built to last. Together with the Electric Fly Swatter and the Dynazap Bug Zapper Racket these are considered the top-3 bug zapper rackets on today’s market.





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The grill is made out of 1.2 mm Zinc Steel and the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty. Dimensions: 20.1 x 7.1 x 1.2 inches. Shipping weight: 3.1 pounds. Prices start at $19.99




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Executioner Fly Swatter
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