Electronic Bug Zapper

4-Sided Attraction

electronic bug zapperIf you live at a location with many uninvited mosquito guests, this compact and well affordable device may be the solution you are looking for. It can be mounted next or close to a door, attracting them straight to the UV bulbs rather than flying further into your living room. Since light is spread out into all directions the catch will turn out to be bigger than with some other indoor zappers. This lightweight electronic bug zapper traps mosquitos, flies and any other kind of biting insects. Just hang it with the included chain or place it on the floor and it attracts the natural enemy right to it.

The size of this bug zapper is 15.7 inches and it comes with 2 UV bulbs (10 watts each), which makes it one of the more compact solutions. The power cord is per default 2 meters long, which should be sufficient to put it on a higher location, the location where most mosquitos often tend to group. Off course you can always use an extra power chord if you need to reach really high altitudes. It is non-chemical and traps the flies in the washable tray for easy cleaning. In addition, the kit comes with a cleaning brush. Concerning safety, the outer enclosure limits access to the inside and is corrosion proof.


When Would You Need It?

The electronic bug zapper may be applied for multiple purposes. For example if you have a trash can in the garage generating a large amount of flies and gnats, or, to reduce the amount of flies at a summer cottage or vacation home near a lake. Pay attention that this is meant to be used indoors. So if we take a closer look at the other options we can conclude the following. Having a product like this inside your house isn’t always a pretty sight. Therefore you must pay attention to both capacity and apparel. If we take a look at the Inadays for example we must say that it looks much prettier. However, it’s less effective and should be considered a good choice if your insect issue is mild. As soon as you notice lots of flying bugs around you then you definitely need to get something stronger. The featured product here kills a massive amount of mosquitoes but you’ll have to accept that it will not make your living room more elegant. Hiding it would be a good way to get around this, but make sure that bugs will notice it. In the end it doesn’t look that bad! Finally this is a very good choice to place in your garage or office.



electronic bug zapper packageTaking into account all the pros and cons we can say that this device is a well affordable solution for serious problems. The manufacturers did all they could to make it look less industrial than it’s bigger Aspectek brother. In fact it will even appear fairly neutral in some home decors, but the typical bug zapper look will always remain. If you want to use it outdoors then make sure it is well protected. But we advise you to only use it indoors. On Amazon, the vast amount of reviews written about this electronic bug zapper are positive when it comes to performance (4.5 stars out of 5) as well as it’s price ($39.77)


Replacement bulbs for this item can be found in our Replacement Bulbs Section or for direct purchase click here.




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