Electric Fly Swatter – Day And Night Instant Zapping

A Respectable Brand: Zap It!

This is probably the most “typical” fly swatter we listed on our website. The famous tennis racket model with a triple layer safety mesh is available in many sizes, colors, you name it. If however tat’s exactly what you’re after, take a minute to understand the pro’s and con’s.

Most Important Features

3-Layer Safety Mesh

This electric fly swatter helps you to get rid of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, gnats and other flying insects by swinging the racket towards them so they get in touch with the charged grill. On both sides of the grill there is a protective outer layer to prevent kids and pets from getting in contact with it. Bugs however go right through the openings in the protective layer and will be killed instantly.

Operating And Charging

To prevent accidental zapping, an activation button has to be pressed in order to make the fly swatter actually work. When fully charged it allows you to zap around 10.000 times. To make it as convenient as possible, you can charge it through USB. We guess most of us have such a connection at home, either through our computer or a separate cable.

Use Cases And LED light

Great for indoor and outdoor use and easy to take with you when you go hiking, fishing or camping. One big advantage is the built in LED light, which makes zapping at night a whole lot easier. Depending on where you’re planning to use this fly swatter, you can select one of these 3 sizes: Small, medium and large. Maybe you prefer a smaller version for hiking and a bigger one for the indoors.

How Does It Compare To Similar Products?

Together with the Executioner Fly Swatter and the Dynazap Bug Zapper Racket, these are definitely our top-3 bug zapper rackets on today’s market.

Zap It Versus Executioner

If you take a look at the Executioner racket, the big difference is the grill. The Executioner consists of “only” 1 single layer, which will get in contact with a fly or mosquito immediately. You have to be careful though to not touch the grill. With the Zap It swatter the outer layers protect the charged grill in order to avoid contact. The thing is, that sometimes these protective layers avoid a certain bug to be zapped and you have to swing towards the insect again.

Zap It Versus Dynazap

Compared to the Dynazap version you’re not always able to reach certain areas, like a ceiling corner for example. Since the Dynazap is bendable your chances of reaching your target are bigger. On the other hand, this electric fly swatter is charged through a USB cable, whereas the bendable option required batteries. Haven’t we all had that moment when we were out of batteries? Something to think about.


Even though the pictures show a yellow version, the swatter will probably arrive in orange. The smaller size is around 16 x 11 x 1.3 inches. Prices start at $19.99

Where from? Amazon.com

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