Dynatrap DT1200 Mosquito Trap

This bug trap basically works just like any other product by the brand Dynatrap. It’s a very good brand to consider and they only sell bug traps (so they don’t zapp but operate in a very different way). Their main goal is to simulate the human body to attract bugs after which they have the ability to kill them. This is realized as follows: The UV bulb (which operates approximately 4000 hours) not only creates light but also heat which represents our body temperature. Additionally the lamp creates carbon dioxide (CO2) like we emit when breathing and also release from our pores. Mosquitoes (especially the female ones that are responsible for reproduction) will recognize this as human activity and therefore human blood. Finally when the bugs arrive at the trap a built-in fan sucks them right in after which they die of dehydration (for more info on how this brand operates see the video below or watch it on youtube by clicking here).

Now with this mosquito trap there is an additional attractant added to the product: It contains a water tray inside. Since female mosquitoes lay their eggs in or near a water source they will definitely consider this trap to be a perfect location to head for. And it’s exactly these female bugs you want to get rid off because they can carry up to 300 eggs each. If the outdoor area you want to get bug-free is about 1/2 acre or smaller then this should really work great. We also offer the Dynatrap DT1050 for indoor and outdoor use (also 1/2 acre capacity) and the Dynatrap DT2000XL for outdoor use (with a 1 acre capacity).

More info about the dynatrap dt1200

For outdoor use only. 7 Watts UV light bulb included. It comes with the pole stand and is set up very easily within a couple of minutes. It also comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 44 inches. Shipping weight: 19 pounds. Prices start at $90

Venus Fly Trap Product

In case you need a replacement bulb for this product you can visit our Replacement Bulbs section or for direct purchase click here.

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