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About This Bug Trap

This is the DynaTrap DT1050 bug trap. It’s one of the most successful mid-range bug traps of the DynaTrap product portfolio. A modern approach to reduce and trap flying insects like bugs and mosquitoes is the purpose of this light emitting and quiet trap. It’s meant and optimized for both indoor and outdoor usage. The many pro’s that this trap offers makes it convenient for practically any household. In comparison to other mosquito remedies, this is a multipurpose solution for various insect problems and infestation.

In terms of usability and efficiency, this flying insect trap is a very modern age product. Modern in terms of user-friendliness and performance. This meets our expectations of a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle. In this article we describe the benefits of how it works, and for which purposes it best qualifies.

Pro’s of the DynaTrap Bug Trap

The big plus of this product is the quality/cost ratio and the positive Amazon ratings reflect this. It protects properties up to ½ Acre and supports usage for both indoor as well as outdoor in various weather conditions. Because of it’s reach you can install it away from humans. Furthermore you’ll find this product to be very user-friendly.

The Dynatrap company is a big player in the bug trapping industry. Over the years they came up with plenty of accessories and maintenance products. For most garden decors there is likely a pole or hook available that pleases the user preference. Experience and innovation of the DynaTrap company have optimized their products to attract flying insects and made this device multipurpose. Mosquitoes, biting flies, asian beetles, wasps, yellow jackets, moths and gypsy moths are no problem.

Since this is not a bug zapper, there are no typical zapping sounds. The simple and robust design makes it a more durable product. Also, the appearance and the minimal fan noise makes it one of the most discrete bug traps that exist today. To get an impression of this bug trap we recommend watching this youtube movie.

How does the Dynatrap DT1050 Bug Trap work?

This silent DynaTrap attracts mosquitoes and other insects by means of a UV light bulb and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) radiation. The 7 Watts UV bulb produces heat. In combination with the CO2 elution it is an efficient and unique solution on the market. It further consists out of two main compartments and one propellor in the middle of the system. The picture below illustrates the main components and functionality of the Dynatrap bug trap.

The Upper Part:

In the upper part of the trap you’ll find the UV light bulb. You can tighten it similar to any other common screw threaded bulb. The overarching housing comes with a grid through which bugs and air is sucked in and has a titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating. This coating is a strong attractant for mosquitoes and makes the Dynatrap more effective than other traps with a UV light and stream of CO2 only. It comes with a grid through which mosquitoes and insects enter.

The housing is a rotating door which also acts a power switch. When powered Off, twisting the rotation door turns the UV light bulb On. When closing the door, the light bulb turns Off and closes the entrance points to avoid any living insects from flying out. This smart concept makes it ideal for indoor usage and avoids trapped bugs and mosquitoes flying away when going to bed and turning off the UV light. The top of the housing protects the inside in rainy and wet weather conditions. By that we mean the umbrella shaped roof. For your convenience, consider to use the hanger for a simple fixation to poles and hooks.

The Lower Part:

Trapped bugs and mosquitoes will end up in the lower cage. You can easily remove it in order to empty the collected bugs. Just one screw will do the trick. The exit holes only permit air to pass through. They’re small enough to avoid content from falling out and escaping the trap. Since the insects cannot escape, they eventually die from dehydration. It should be noted that the bucket needs to be emptied regularly for optimal airflow and performance. The manual for usage indicates to clean the unit weekly and further provides details how to best clean it.

The Propeller:

A propellor separates the upper and lower part. In other words, the propeller forms the heart of the functionality. As mosquitoes are attracted to the UV light bulb and the TiO2 coating, the purpose of the propeller is to suck in the flying bugs that are close enough. The airflow will continue to push anything downward and the grid in the bucket will only allow air to escape. DynaTrap made sure that the propeller has optimal noise reduction capabilities.

DynaTrap Bulb Replacement:

Like many other bug traps and mosquito zappers, the DynaTrap comes with a UV light bulb. A 7 Watts UV bulb is relatively low in power consumption and it lasts for approximate 3000 hours. This equals to four months of nonstop usage. When UV effectiveness reduces, the light bulb needs replacement to continue attracting flying bugs. Replacement is as easy as replacing any other light bulb in the house. Make sure not to burn your fingers. DynaTrap has multiple trap models and offers different bulbs. This is a direct link to a compatible replacement bulb for the DT1050.

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Summary and recommendations:

The DynaTrap DT1050 is an affordable and effective bug trap. It’s ideal to catch mosquitoes and can also trap many other bug species. You can use it whenever you need ½ Acre cleaned, both indoor and outdoor. The manual is straight to the point, and the product is easy to maintain. It’s design is simple and elegant. The product is also available with an optional wall mount or in Tungsten -respectively these are models DT1100 and DT1050-TUN-. Both ease of use and durability of the UV light bulb could make you a happy camper. Since this is not a bug zapper, the grid is not electrically charged. This could be a safer solution when you have small children in the garden.

If you are looking for a something stronger and bigger, the Dynatrap DT2000XL for outdoor usage with a 1 acre capacity may interest you.

DynaTrap DT1100DynaTrap DT1050-TUNDynaTrap DT2000XL

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