Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes?

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Yes, many mosquitoes can bite through clothes, but not all do. Shirts, gowns, pantys, nylon socks and dresses are practically a public invitation for mosquitoes. They take your blood and leave you with an itch. Strong jeans, thick pullovers and closed shoes require a bigger effort by the mosquito to get you. They may decide to fly elsewhere. However, these clothes are often too warm during summer days, the season when mosquitoes are most around. 

Mosquitoes can bite through clothes and won’t stop doing that anytime soon. Simple and easy tips without too much of a hassle can help you to get rid of these itchy bites. Materials that clothes are made from certainly play an important role. Planning, preparing, balancing and taking all aspects into account to stop getting bitten can be a hassle. It’s not necessarily something we’d like to be bothered with. What we could or should wear to reduce bites is often not anywhere near what we prefer to wear. So to keep it easy we look at simple and relevant tips, like color and different fabrics for example.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Socks?

Mosquitoes certainly can bite through socks. Pulling and stretching socks over the feet makes it actually even more easy to access the instep of the foot. Instep of the feet usually have quite thin skin. Unfortunately for us this makes it easy for mosquitoes to pinch through in an attempt to find a blood vein.

Thick socks offer better protection. On one hand because it’s thicker, and on the other hand because it may be stronger. The stretching is not easy to avoid. If you want to sit comfy on your couch or patio, slipper socks are a good option to consider. Especially if you suffer from cold feet. They are warm, well layered, and available in many colors and styles. For both women and men there are plenty different appearances for practically any preference. To minimize the chances of being bitten above the socks, one can tuck in the pants. This also takes away the possibility for mosquitoes to come up your shin.

Socks that help preventing mosquito bites

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are usually very comfortable as they nearly always have a good fit. Unfortunately, the materials are chosen for its purpose. They need to be elastic during aerobics without tearing and allow ventilation to minimize sweating or becoming wet. Choosing a wider fit provides more insulation by means of added air sacks, protecting more skin surface from being accessible.

Alternatively, one can consider a lightweight blanket for summer and falls as an addition to yoga pants. Combined with slipper socks a lot more protection is provided, whilst air is still allowed to ventilate. Insect shielded blankets with integrated repellents also exist and help reducing mosquito bites through clothes.

Mosquito outdoor blanket to reduce changes of getting bitten.

For outdoor purposes one can even choose moist resistant blankets. Another interesting solution may also be a (transparent) mosquito patch sticker. These small patches stick easily on yoga pants, blankets, chairs and sofa’s, and are highly effective. 

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Jeans?

Yes, they can. Wearing jeans is not a guaranteed prevention from getting bitten. In an upright position wide jeans form an isolation layer of air between the skin and trouser. When sitting down, the thighs and knees are in direct contact with the jeans. The advantage of insulated air is now absent. Jeans with elastic materials, like skinny jeans and jeans for curvy figures, become less dense at some areas. Like thighs and knees for example. As the material stretches it becomes thinner and more porous. Mosquitoes can have a long mouthpart. They use it to probe multiple times to find an easy access to blood flow. Therefore, at area’s like the waist, additional jeans pockets can increase resistance. Hopefully this makes the mosquito fly away and try elsewhere. Non-stretchable jeans may increase resistance, especially if made from strong materials. 

A second aspect to be aware of is that feet are an attractant to mosquitoes. Jeans with wide piping at the ankles give easy access to fly or walk up the shin area to bite. Tucking the jeans into socks or adding an ankle bracelet can avoid this from happening. Best would even be a natural mosquito repellent bracelet which helps to keep mosquitoes away. 

Another remedy is to smear a mosquito repellent on the jeans, like deet for example. This minimizes the concentrated product being in direct contact with your skin. It also adds an effective protection layer against mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent clothing for men and women also exist with additional guarding. These are usable for outdoor activities, like camping, fishing and hunting.

Mosquito image of pinching through jeans.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Silk?

Silk robes, dresses and t-shirts for any occasion or event come with pros and cons. Silk itself is fairly thin but allows you to enjoy a breeze of air on warm summer evenings. Being airy gives quite a bit of air isolation, but also provides easy access to skin. For outdoor events with high mosquito density it’s likely not the best choice in an attempt to avoid itchy bites.

Do you still want to wear a silk dress at a lake party, maybe even with stiletto heels? Or a nice silk robe whilst binge watching? No problem. There are heaps of tricks to stop mosquitoes biting through the clothes of your choice:

  • Option two is to consider a mosquito repellent product in or on a purse. They are small and can be transparant.
  • Option three is to wear a mosquito repellent scarf. This will also make it less likely that mosquitoes buzz around your ear. By the way, the ear is beloved location because ear wax is an attractant to specific mosquito species. 
  • Stay cool. By drinking cold beverages the body core temperature stays cool and radiates less heat.
  • Another option for both indoor, patio or pontoon boat is a portable electronic mosquito repellant. These are widely available as an ultrasonic bracelet/watch or as a portable thermacel. They form a shield like zone without being too much of an eye catcher.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Hats?

Hats can certainly reduce chances from being bitten whilst still being able to look fashionable. It avoids sunlight from blinding and facial sunburns. Furthermore, it also keeps away other bugs from nesting in your hair or skin -like ticks -. Biting through a hat is pointless if the distance to the skull is large enough. Hair forms a physical barrier as well for mosquitoes reaching the skin. Furthermore, wearing a hat also permits many hidden opportunities to prevent mosquitoes coming near you, which we look into below. 

Mosquitoes prefer areas with a warm climate and often swarm around at lake places and patios during the summer time. This is not the ideal time of the year to wear warm, long and uncomfortable clothes. Wearing a hat is probably an exception to this because of the obvious benefits it gives. Warmth makes us sweaty and exhaust more CO2, which then attracts mosquitoes to us. Especially our head radiates a lot of heat. Even more in direct sunlight and if the hair color is dark.

Compared to dark colored hats, light colored hats heat up slower. They keep our heads cooler for a longer period of time. Often ears are not covered by hats and buzzing sounds near ears is not uncommon. This makes the protection by a hat limited. However, the space in a hat allows patches and repellents to reside. This then makes the hat protect a larger zone for many hours, without giving in to your fashion statement. One of the worst itches to not touch are those on ears and sunburns. The simple trick of wearing a hat can save frustration, endless rubbing or unwanted red mosquito bite appearances. They likely even impact your mood positively. Especially for women, this smell-less solution can result in mosquitoes no longer biting them all the time. It could make mosquitoes go bite their partner instead.

Stylish hat that offers remedies against mosquito bites

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through T-Shirts?

Yes, mosquitoes can get direct access to blood when wearing just a t-shirt. T-shirts are usually thin by nature and allow air ventilation to prevent sweating. The needle-like mouthpart of a mosquito, termed proboscis or stylets, are strong and long. They can pierce through short and long sleeved t-shirts. The openings of a t-shirt additionally give easy access to the neck, upper arms and shoulders. If not tucked in, they’re a simple entry to hips and the belly. 

Wearing a second t-shirt beats the purpose of a t-shirt. This may introduce the advert effect of a higher body temperature with additional CO2 release. Choosing the right material and different fit can be of help. Redundant t-shirt material gives space for air and overlapping layers, whereas skinny t-shirt do not. Your shoulders and upper back are preactically always at risk. These are places difficult to reach when having an itch. On the other hand, these are also body areas that often remain untouched. It’s good to salve them with a mosquito repellent. Easy to apply mosquito sprays can be considered prior putting on the t-shirt. Optionally, a pullover can be considered with a hoody. However, this also doesn’t make it impossible for mosquitoes to bite through. 

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Pullovers?

When it’s cooling down in the evening, a pullover shows benefits over a t-shirt. Loose pullovers have the advantage of a thicker material in comparison to a t-shirt. A hoody can be used to shield the lower neck. Denim material is likely the way to go, or alternatively fleece and graphene fabrics. These have a strengthened structure and not always rest on to the skin surface. 

Cotton pullovers frequently have a thicker structure and are great to stay warm. Yet, body heat can escape from it and attract mosquitoes. A thick cotton layer would make it physically impossible for the stylet to pinch through all the way to the skin. A thin cotton layer may not.

Cotton pullovers with polyester adds strength and could increase luck of not getting bitten. Switching to polyester also brings the benefit of durability and stain resistance, something that differs from polycotton. 

When sitting at a cottage or on the patio, there are excellent solutions to reduce mosquitoes in the first place. Getting to the source could help picking a pullover of your choice, rather than thinking about how to not be bitten. Mosquito bombs are likely the best way to reduce mosquito larvae in standing water and ponds. These are fish and pet friendly and are a first remedy to avoid putting on a pullover. Then there are also high-performance bug fighters that are extremely efficient attracting and reducing all kind of flies, mosquitoes and bugs. This will make life a lot easier, and if this isn’t good enough then there is the ultimate thermacell patio shield mosquito repeller.


Mosquitoes can bite through clothes. No matter if you are in front of the television, going to a summer party or hiking in the tropics. Luckily, there are many solutions and remedies. To reduce chances of being bitten through clothes or on naked skin, deet or mosquito repellent sprays can be applied. The cooler it gets, the easier it becomes to switch to thicker and stronger materials, like denim fabric clothes.

Balancing between fabrics, style, dress code and comfort becomes easier with various repellent products. Especially if they’re not visible to the eye. Transparent mosquito patches on the inside of a purse, inside a hat, or even mosquito repellent wearables are effective options. 

If you are the one who usually gets bitten first, preparing just a little can already be of great help. It could make a summer party or an evening behind the television more pleasant and enjoyable. Going to a beach lake summer party or planning a barbeque at sunset? Picking the right accessory may just do the trick. Now no longer you get bitten first, but someone else next to you.

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