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bugasaltWith regards to trying to know what is the most excellent means to kill annoying and stink bugs, most of the time you will see that a bug gun could be the best options and could be your buddy. Prevention is half the fight with regards to trying to deal with the danger of a stink bug infestation. One of the best pieces of equipment that is becoming popular today because of its capability to kill bed bugs and other insects efficiently is the Bugasalt Gun. This review will tell if this product is ideal for you or not. Read on!

The Bugasalt with improved durability and power is the best way to kill bugs effectively and surely. This shoots a shotgun spray of typical table salt as well as destroying flies on contact; this is also surefire and exciting means to enjoy this annoying and disgusting task. Keep your house free from these annoying insects. The best thing about this product is that can be purchased on all leading stores nationwide and online stores as well at a very reasonable price.




The Remarkable Features of BugaSalt

This state of the art tool if equipped with advanced and innovative features that make your killing of bugs easier and simpler. Some notable features take account of the following:

  • Batteries are not needed to functions
  • Non toxic
  • Very reasonable and easy to utilize
  • This kills flies on your windows and ease
  • Excellent for bed bugs in corners and on ceilings
  • Exciting way to kill insects
  • This can be used not only for bugs, but also to kill spiders and other kinds of insects

How to Use This Equipment?

Following these steps will allow you use this tool with ease:

  • Raise the loader cap and then pour granulated kitchen table salt ( this holds approximately fifty shots)
  • Glide the cocking handle against you and push away the barrel of the shot gun. This will set off the auto safety and then the pop up sight will come into view, showing gun is set to fire.
  • Release the auto safety by means of clicking towards you.
  • Spot the target and fire


The Benefits of using this tool

This bug repellant provides lots of benefits such as:

  • This is a cleaner’s way to kill mosquitoes, bugs and other types of insects.
  • You can use this equipment inside and outside of your home, even if many shooting indoors will lead in noticeable sale on your floor.
  • This utilizes ordinary table salt and can be use without battery
  • Fifty shot prior to the next loading
  • It comes with pop eye sight indicator
  • Guarantee for broken parts given by manufacturer.




All in all, the Bug a Salt Gun is a best idea. It is fun to shoot as well as efficient enough against any kinds of insects. If you are fly hunters, then you must definitely use this product of as its efficiency and reliability. Alternative product is the bug zapper racket, cheaper but maybe a little less fun.

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