Bugasalt – Getting Rid Of Flies Instantly

Bug-A-Salt Anti-Fly Gun

The Gun vs Bug Zappers

Curious to know an excellent way to kill annoying and stinky flies, most of the time you will see that a bug gun could be the best short-term option. Yes, bug zappers will make the whole process a lot more passive, but what if you experience a few flies you must get rid of right now? Waiting for an electric bug zapper to do the trick could take ages. So who knows this could just become your new buddy.

Getting Rid Of Flies

Prevention is half the fight when you’re trying to deal with the danger of a fly infestation. One of the best pieces of equipment that is becoming popular today (because of its capability to kill instantly) is the Bugasalt Gun. This review will tell if this product is ideal for you or not. Read on!

Destroy Flies On Contact

This Bugasalt with improved durability and power should be one of the most appealing ways to kill annoying insects. Sure, the typical bug zapper racket (especially with an extended arm like the Dynazap for example) have proven to be best-sellers all across the globe. If you opt for a Bugasalt gun, you’re probably interested in it’s looks and in turning the whole process into a sport. Sounds a bit harsh, right? But good to know that the new versions are able to destroy flies on contact.

Besides It’s Unique Appearance, Why Would You Get One?

The main reason to purchase the Bugasalt is to get rid of flies that are trapped in hard to reach locations. Deep window corners or bigger gazebo’s would be an example. Besides the fact that a bug zapper racket might not be able to reach the area, if you miss you might just scratch your valuable belongings.

Improved Specifications

This is already the third generation of the Bugasalt gun, which is why it’s also called the Yellow 3.0 version. Let’s summarize what has been updated:

  • New, rapid fire Cross Bolt Safety
  • Improved and lighter trigger mechanism
  • More accurate shooting with new partridge sight
  • Reloading is much smoother and quicker

Venus Fly Trap Product




The Remarkable Features of BugaSalt

This state of the art tool if equipped with advanced and innovative features that make your killing of bugs easier and simpler. Some notable features take account of the following:

  • Batteries are not needed to functions
  • Non toxic
  • Very reasonable and easy to utilize
  • This kills flies on your windows and ease
  • Excellent for bed bugs in corners and on ceilings
  • Exciting way to kill insects
  • This can be used not only for bugs, but also to kill spiders and other kinds of insects

How to Use This Equipment?

Following these steps will allow you to use this tool with ease:

  • Raise the loader cap and then pour granulated kitchen table salt ( this holds approximately fifty shots)
  • Glide the cocking handle against you and push away the barrel of the shot gun. This will set off the auto safety and then the pop up sight will come into view, showing gun is set to fire.
  • Release the auto safety by means of clicking towards you.
  • Spot the target and fire

The Benefits of using this tool

This bug repellant provides lots of benefits such as:

  • This is a cleaner’s way to kill flies.
  • You can use this equipment inside and outside of your home, even if many shooting indoors will lead in noticeable salt on your floor.
  • This utilizes ordinary table salt and can be use without battery
  • Fifty shot prior to the next loading
  • It comes with pop eye sight indicator
  • Guarantee for broken parts given by manufacturer.

Where From? Amazon.com

How much? $44.95


Venus Fly Trap Product


Final Words

In our opinion the Bugasalt gun has 1 main target: Annoying flies. If it works on mosquitoes remains the question. Since updates are being released there could be a change in characteristics and this article could be outdated. In other words, make sure to go through all the specifications to make sure you know what you’re buying. 

Read the rules! Never point the Bugasalt at people, family, pets, you get the idea. Use it on flies, so don’t aim for butterflies, praying mantises, dragonflies etc. Make sure to kill flies instantly, and leave it with that.

Only use if you master the gun and follow the rules and guidelines provided by the seller. You are responsible for your own action.

All together an interesting gadget for those who are able to master it. For serious bug problems we wouldn’t advise it at all and redirect you to a stronger device like for example the Flowtron FC-8800 mosquito killer.

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