Dynazap Bug Zapper Racket – Extendable And Bendable


Designed and built by the brand Dynatrap, this bug zapper racket absolutely belongs to one of the best in it’s category. Firstly it is extendable to over 3 feet in length (approximately 37 inches), making it very easy to reach for insects on walls and ceilings. The grill is adjustable and can be positioned in any angle, making it even easier to zapp (for instance use the 90 degrees angle for your ceiling). It has a safety switch, and by pressing a single button you can activate the grill for instant zapping. As soon as you release the button the grill won’t be activated anymore.

Use Cases

All kinds of flying or crawling pests will be killed (like flies, mosquitoes, gnats, yellow jackets, wasps, spiders and ants). Because it’s simple to fold you can easily take it with you on a holiday or store it somewhere in your house. This bug zapper racket is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and leaves no smudge after zapping. It works on two AA batteries that can be replaced by yourself. Together with the Executioner Fly Swatter and the Electric Fly Swatter, these are considered the top-3 bug zapper rackets on today’s market.

Things To Know

An outer layer prevents direct contact with the grill. However, we still advise not to let any kids play with it since often they will find a way to touch it anyways. Dynazap is part of the Dynatrap company that mainly manufactures bug traps (click here for some of these products). With this bug zapper racket they have added another very effective product to their collection which has proven to work fantastic! The price is acceptable and not much higher than other custom rackets you will find these days. Since it’s a little more powerful and bendable it’s a great product to consider.

More Info About This Bug Zapper Racket

It comes with a lanyard for easy storage and two AA batteries are included. Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.0 x 17 inches. Shipping weight: 2 pounds. Prices start at $15.14


Where from? Amazon.com

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