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If you love to sit outdoors on warm summer evenings but hate all of the bugs, don’t worry. There are numerous solutions that get rid of mosquitoes and other bugs without all of the nasty smells and chemicals. One of these is the MC9000 Residential Bug Fighter by Flowtron. The device is small and discreet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well. In fact, this is an electronic device that kills any type of pest attracted to light. It’s both economically and ecologically safe.

What Is The Bug Fighter?

This bug fighter uses a combination of ultraviolet black light energy and an Octenol mosquito lure. Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects are lured in and then zapped into oblivion once they get inside the unit. The black light energy comes with exclusive reflector panels, and the electrostatically charged grid on the inside eliminates the bugs immediately upon entrance. Next, the bugs simply fall onto the ground. They become compost material for you to spread wherever you need any type of fertilizer.

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The Biggest Advantages Of The Device

  • Offers 120 watts of black light energy, which is 4-5 times more luring power than other bug zappers.
  • Comes with a no-clog grill so that insects don’t clog up the inside of the device and cause short circuits.
  • It’s durable and weatherproof, so you can leave it outdoors 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • The killing grid inside of the unit is one of the top ones in the industry.
  • All you do is hang it up and leave it alone.

The unit is a corded electric device that operates on three Bf150 (40-watt) bulbs. It’s a low-maintenance device because there only are a few parts to it. In fact, if you ever need to replace any of these parts, it’s very simple to do because the parts are so easy to find. For the best results, you should hang the unit at least 6 feet high and 25 feet away from where everyone is gathering. You can also leave it out in your yard regardless of the season because it does a great job of withstanding the elements and keeps on going.


Size, Weight, Octenol And UV Bulbs

The bug fighter made by Flowtron is roughly 13” x 9.5” x 9.5”. It’s weight of 13 pounds gives it a sturdiness and durability that guarantees it’s longevity. It comes with a free Octenol lure to make sure it attracts as many bugs as possible. The UV bulbs can be replaced through the bottom of the unit. Replacing the bulbs is also super easy because there are no tools required. You can get the job done in a matter of minutes.

UV Luring Power

There are no glue boards required. Elimination of the bugs is clean because it doesn’t use any type of airborne contamination or chemicals to get the job done. The luring power is strong and does a great job of attracting all types of bugs, including mosquitoes, flies, and no-see-ums, among others. The elimination grid contains vertical bulbs that have a patented design. They offer high efficiency in addition to the ability to kill the bugs without them clogging up the device.

Blacklight Radiation

When you want to get rid of bugs on your patio, deck, barn, or even above a dumpster of some type, this clean, eco-friendly bug-killing machine will do the job. The glow-tube reflectors make the blacklight radiation more intense, which is one of the many reasons why the unit does such a great job of luring in bugs and pests.

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What Do Customers Say?


Flowtron is a company with a good reputation, which is proven by the quality of their bug-fighting machine. This machine has a 4+ star rating on Amazon and customer reviews that say a lot of good things about it. Some of these comments include the following:

  • “This unit works great, pulls them in, and has made our backyard patio a place we can again enjoy in the evening.”
  • “This is the weapon that stemmed the invasion and made our deck usable again.”
  • “So glad I decided to spend the money for this product!”
  • “This thing is awesome. It attracts the bugs and zap!”
  • “…this worked well enough for our entire 1.5-acre accessible yard.”
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Easy To Use

Most people are tired of spraying smelly mosquito sprays that rarely work long-term. Or how about hiring a pest-control professional that may or may not get the job done, and needs to keep coming back for ridiculous prices. For peace of mind and a price that is lower than professional jobs, you can choose this machine instead and get rid of the pests in your yard once and for all. The device is easy to use and can be hung just about anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for areas where using toxic chemicals is either banned or undesirable. 

Chemical Free

Indeed, its chemical-free capability is what a lot of customers love most about it. With the MC9000 zapper, you simply hang it up and forget about it. If you visit the device every now and then, you’ll likely be surprised at how many bugs it has killed. Many people notice literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of bugs below the machine on the ground in their yard. Not only does it kill the bugs efficiently, but it also kills them quickly, and this is a win-win combination regardless of how you look at it.

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You Get What You Pay for

It Lasts And It Works

This top-notch bug fighter sells for roughly $245, but for anyone who is tired of the bugs overtaking their yards, it’s worth the investment. Less expensive machines simply don’t kill all of the bugs in your yard, and they often have to be replaced nearly every season. The MC9000 is heavy and sturdy, and you’ll be able to keep it for many years to come. In fact, this is a frequent comment among real-life customers. They all agree that the device is well worth the price, mainly due to two reasons: It lasts a very long time, and it works!

Coverage And Warranty

There are numerous other factors that make this bug-killing machine such a success. First, it guarantees 360-degree coverage, which it can offer because of it’s accommodating shape. Second, just one unit covers up to two acres of space, which is quite a lot. Finally, it comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the machine giving out or not working after only a short period of time. The Flowtron Company does stand behind the product, which offers four times the killing power of other brands. It’s even made with a chrome-plated grill for extra longevity.

High Tech And High Quality

People never want to fork out hundreds of dollars on a bug zapper, but this one is worth every penny. It’s fast and easy to set up and works immediately. Most people hang it from a shepherd’s hook but you can set it up almost anywhere, as long as you follow the recommendations from the company. This is a high-tech and high-quality bug zapper that works great regardless of how many mosquitoes and other bugs swarm your outdoor area every day.

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This bug fighter gets the job done in case you’re having a serious bug problem. Various flying insects will be killed because of it’s efficient UV luring power. This power is even 4-5 times stronger than many other related products.

The esthetics could be a downside. Yes, this product has that typical “zapper feeling” to it. However, in most cases, getting rid of pests seems to be priority number one. A decorative bug zapper could be an alternative if home decor is of big importance to you.

It’s definitely not the cheapest product, but it’s able to stand the test of time. For example, one of the more “basic” bug zappers by Flowtron (like the BK-40D or the BK-80D) only cost around 45-75 bucks.

Maintenance and replacing the bulbs are extremely easy. Another big advantage is the fact that it’s weatherproof. Whether it rains of not, this bug fighter will keep on going.

If you’d like to learn more about pests and light, consider to read our article called “Are mosquitoes attracted to light?“. It could be of help whenever looking for an efficient bug zapper.

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