Aspectek Electric Bug Zapper – An Efficient Indoor Solution

What You Need To Know

Most Important Details

This Aspectek electric bug zapper attracts many different kinds of flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths and others. Insects are attracted to this product because of the 40W UV light which will work best if used in areas up to 1 acre. So ideally you would use it indoors like in your house, garage, kitchen, restaurant, shop or maybe even office. Bugs will fly towards the light and then be killed when they get in contact with the metal grid. If placed at home or other location where there’s kids or pets then you shouldn’t worry to have this device turned on. It’s mesh screen won’t allow direct contact with the metal grid or lights.

Ease Of Use

You can hang this electric zapper easily with it’s fixed hooks on the top. But off course you can also just place it on any surface. Zapped insects fall into the washable collection tray at the bottom which you can simply remove and place back. Cleaning the metal grid won’t be necessary as it cleans itself. The power chord measures almost 40 inches in length.

Free Of Chemicals

Locations like a kitchen for example are never a good place to use bug repellent sprays. We ourselves avoid them. Chemicals can do the trick, but if we may say so, try to avoid them. That’s why we prefer these kinds of bug zapper while cooking for example.

2 Available Models

The one we show you here is the 40W Aspectek bug zapper. However, if you think it’s a bit too powerful for your area, consider to get the less powerful version. Aspectek offers a similar 20W product which is slightly cheaper as well. You can read all about it here. A similar product by the brand Impacthor can be found on our website as well. You can read all the details by heading over to this electronic bug zapper.



Choose your preferred location for the zapper. Maybe you need it close to your cooking site, or maybe your bug problem is mild and you choose to hide it somewhere. Since this isn’t the most attractive gadget for home decoration, think about this. Some use the chain and hooks to position it somewhere higher.

Positioning The Tray

The tray that comes with the Aspectek zapper needs to be attached to the bottom. This is easy and serves as a collector for the dead mosquitos. You can remove it within seconds for regular cleaning. It is made out of plastic which allows for efficient cleaning. There’s a picture further down below that shows you how it all looks like.

Switching It On

Needless to say, after everything is set you need to switch it on. There’s a red button on the front that allows you to do just that. Now it’s time to be patient and to finally enjoy that bug free lifestyle.

More Info About The Aspectek Electric Bug Zapper

For indoor use. It’s total power is 40 Watts. Comes with two built-in UV lights which you can replace yourself when needed. Dimensions: 25.6 x 3.5 x 12.8 inches. Item weight: 6.1 pounds. Prices start at $52.99.

Where from?

Venus Fly Trap Product

Replacement bulbs for this product are sometimes out of stock. Check our Replacement Bulbs for more info! However, if you buy this zapper brand new the bulbs should last for about 8000-9000 hours.



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