Aspectek Electric Bug Zapper

Aspectek Electric Bug ZapperThis Aspectek electric bug zapper attracts many different kinds of flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths and others. Insects are attracted to this product because of two 20W UV lights which will work best if used in areas up to 6.000 square feet. So ideally you would use it indoors like in your house, garage, kitchen, restaurant, shop or maybe even office. Bugs will fly towards the light and then be killed when they get in contact with the metal grid. If placed at home or other location where there’s kids or pets then you shouldn’t worry to have this device turned on. It’s mesh screen won’t allow direct contact with the metal grid or lights.

You can hang this electric zapper easily with it’s fixed hooks on the top. But off course you can also just place it on any surface. Zapped insects fall into the washable collection tray at the bottom which you can simply remove and place back. Cleaning the metal grid won’t be necessary as it cleans itself.


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For indoor use. It’s total power is 40 Watts, it comes with two built-in UV lights which you can replace yourself when needed (see video below). Dimensions: 25.2 x 3.2 x 12.4 inches. Shipping weight: 6.1 pounds. Prices start at $45.99





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Replacement bulbs for this product are currently out of stock. We’ll be adding them to our Replacement Bulbs section as soon as possible! However, if you buy this zapper brand new the bulbs should last for about 8000-9000 hours.




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Aspectek Electric Bug Zapper
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