Flowtron Bug Zapper BK-40D Review

Flowtron Bug ZapperThis stylish lantern zapper is one of the many products from the great brand Flowtron. If you buy a Flowtron bug zapper then you’re sure that you are buying a serious product by one of the best brands out there. This zapping device performs great in outdoor areas and it comes with a non-clogging grid. It kills mosquitoes and other flying bugs over a one-acre area and because of it’s outer structure it prevents children and animals from contacting the charged grid. Not only does it look good, it has a very bright light coming from a 40 Watts bulb that does attract many insects and prevents you from getting bitten. For the price this Flowtron bug zapper is a great product to get and it performs much better than others in the 40 Watts category. If mosquitoes are your main problem then you can insert an Octenol mosquito-attractant cartridge that will work by itself once the device is activated.

The Flowtron brand also delivers a smaller 1/2 acre model (click here) and two bigger ones for 1,5 acres (click here) and even 2 acres (click here). If that’s the type you’re looking for you can go check them out by clicking the links.

Flowtron is a company that was funded in 1920. In 1974 they started to produce different kinds of outdoor products, all made in the USA. Along the years they have highly focussed on bug zappers but the brand also manufactures other products like leaf shredders and yard carts. They have proven to be one of the most successful companies for insect control devices and that’s why their products are so popular. Prices are very acceptable for what you get, though there is some slight difference between some resellers. We found that Amazon usually has the lowest price combined with normal (or free) shipping costs.



For outdoor use only. The 40 Watts bulb is included and gives a nontoxic ultraviolet light. Easy to hang at any outdoor location but you can also choose to get an additional (more elegant) hook like the Shepherd Hook (click here for our Poles and Hooks section). Product dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 16.5 inches. Shipping weight: 6 pounds. Prices start at $45

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In case you need a replacement bulb for this product you can visit our Replacement Bulbs section or for direct purchase click here (select the Flowtron BF-190).

For additional Octenol mosquito-attractant cartridges click here.

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